Aim Leading the Way with Electronic Credentials!

Aim Transfer & Storage, Inc. initiated communication with the FMCSA, Wisconsin Motor Carrier Services, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation last year in regards to utilizing some of our current technology to include electronic truck credentials. This started an E-Credential working group, which includes members of the FMCSA, WIDOT, WI Law Enforcement, and members of Aim, to develop a pilot program. The purpose of the pilot program is to gather data to allow motor carriers to have their “permit book" information in electronic format for law enforcement to review during roadside inspections and other stops.

The overall goal of this program is to save time for motor carriers, drivers, and law enforcement and keep in-cab credentials more current, by having credentials in an electronic format. This will allow the motor carriers to update the information for each truck without having to wait for each truck to roll through the home terminal. Drivers and law enforcement alike, would not have to deal with permit books which can be dirty, hidden somewhere in the cab of the truck, and possibly missing needed documents. The credentials eligible for the program include IRP cab cards, vehicle registration, IFTA license, lease agreements, authority (for-hire) documents, certificates of insurance, hazmat registration certificates, and non hazmat bills of lading. During the pilot program, these credentials can be given to the officer in electronic format, however, if the officer requests the actual paper documents, they must be provided by the driver.

What started with only having Wisconsin participate, soon moved to other states, with more jumping on board as time is progressing. The states of Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and some enforcement agencies in Illinois are participating.

At this point, the on-road portion of the pilot program is set for April 1, 2016 through the end of September 2016. To make the program more successful, more motor carriers need to participate. All motor carriers traveling through these jurisdictions are welcome and encouraged to participate. Participation is easy - just follow the step-by-step portion of the 2016 Motor Carrier Electronic Credential Pilot Handbook. It can be downloaded from this website: